Coerced Realizations

The theory of everything is probably my favorite theory in the world to talk about mainly because it introduces something that I think very organic and real to everyday life, the theory that everything in the entire universe is linked together; every plant, animal, and life is irrevocably linked together. Now this is a very simplified way of explaining an intricate physics theory but it’s really my take on what it means and honestly it’s true. Everybody is in someway linked to one another. Every action, word, emotion, etc. that is expressed has some kind of effect on another person and it’s crazy how that alone can cause a domino effect and result in catastrophic situations.

I’ve been living through life in a daze almost and just recently I was jolted back to this theory and I came to a rather forceful realization: not everyone you’re connected to is going to remain that way forever. Whether they are friends of family, those strings can change for the better or for worse and really that’s just the way life–the universe–works.

Faithe x

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